BSPBookstore makes education personal. With our proven method, a learner goes through the course material independently and at his/her own pace. The method is set up in such a way that one learns to think like an expert. An expert has a certain way of thinking (structure) in order to achieve the desired result. The course material offers this structure, initially fully controlled, then more and more independently. The basic principle is that results are achieved every time. This provides motivation and drive during learning. The method is driven by an e-learning system which ensures that feedback is immediately available and with which an expert can follow his/her students. The Learning Management System contains the possibility to make learning transparent and thus to organise learning properly.

CNC Programming Basic

This book is written in the standard ISO-coding with the HAAS-machines as a starting point.

The CNC Programming learn- and workbook explains the basis of CNC programming. This not only explains programming, but also provides additional information at the right times, in order to gain insight into the approach to making a particular workpiece, in addition to knowledge of the software. The work preparation, in which the machining sequence, zero points and tooling are determined, is dealt with for each new workpiece.


Autodesk Inventor HSM

With this book you will learn the basic principles of programming with Inventor HSM. Underlying the CAM-programming, we also focus on the work preperation: In which way(s) can you make a product? After all, this is the basis for setting up a CAM program properly.

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